D2L - Upload Letter Grades

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Desire2Learn does not allow for instructors to truly upload Letter Grades into the Desire2Learn grade book. For instructors who wish to have a letter grade column displayed in their Desire2Learn course, it is recommended that they select Letter Grades as the grade scheme for the course. Choosing Letter Grades allows for final numeric grades to be automatically converted to letter grades within Desire2Learn.

However, if an instructor would like to upload a final letter grade, computed outside of the Desire2Learn grade book, this can be accomplished by uploading grades as a text grade. Please follow the instructions below to understand this process.

Formatting Your Upload File

In order to successfully upload your file, you will need to format columns as shown in the image below:

  1. Label your first column with as OrgDefinedId (Student Id number).
  2. Add the two words Text Grade to the end of the name of the grades column.
  3. Name the last column of your upload file End-of-Line Indicator.
  4. Add a # sign for every row and then save your file as a .CSV.

Step 1

Log in to your course and select Grades from the Assessments menu.

Step 2

Click the Enter Grades tab.

Step 3

Click the Import button.

Step 4

Click the Choose File button, then select your desired upload file.

*Note: Remember that your upload file needs to be in the .CSV file format.

Step 5

Click the Continue button.

Step 6

Click the Continue button on the Step 2: Errors and Warnings found screen.

*Note: If you receive errors, please refer to the formatting image above. If you continue to have trouble, a useful method is to download the sample file available on the Step 1: Select file to import page, then enter your grades information.

Step 7

Click Import.

Step 8

Grades will appear in the grade book in a column named whatever text you had before Text Grade in your upload file (generally "Final").

If you are using this grade column when you are exporting grades for Web Grading, be sure to select this column rather than the usual Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade.