D2L - Upload Content Using a ZIP File

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


This tutorial demonstrates how to upload a .zip file to your D2L course and then unzip the contents so you have access to your files.

Step 1

Click Edit Course on your navigation bar.

Step 2

Click Manage Files.

Step 3

Click the Upload button.

Step 4

When the Upload dialogue box appears, click Upload to browse and select the .zip file you want to upload.

Step 5

Click the Upload button.

Step 6

The file will appear in Manage Files.

Step 7

Select the .zip file you just uploaded, click on the down arrow next to the file name, and click Unzip.

Step 8

Your files will appear in Manage Files and can now be added to modules in the Content area.

Macintosh Note: in some instances, if you create a .zip file from multiple local files on your computer, you may see a folder called _Mac after you Unzip. It is safe to delete that folder and it's contents.