D2L - Update Scores on a Quiz

Last Updated: 01/10/2018
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


The documentation below demonstrates the process involved in updating scores on a quiz. This can be used when you have either incorrectly marked an answer or want to give credit to an answer that previously received none.

*Note: The screenshots/steps below show this process when regrading a true or false question; however, other quiz question types follow the same type of process.

Step 1

Log into your course and from the Assessments drop-down menu click Quizzes.

Step 2

From the drop-down menu next to the quiz click Grade

Step 3

Select the Questions tab.

Step 4

To regrade all attempts select Update All Attempts. Then select the question you want to rescore.

Step 5

Scroll down to the Grade heading and re-score accordingly by selecting either Give to all attempts __ points or Give to attempts with answer. Click Save.

Step 6

Click Yes.

Step 7

The question has now been successfully rescored.