D2L Student Support - Submit a Dropbox Assignment

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


The following documentation will show step by step how to submit an assignment within Desire2Learn.

*Note: The method used in this tutorial is accessing the assignment through the dropbox, however there are other ways to open an assignment. Some of these ways are choosing the assignment from the content browser widget or from within the content tab on your Desire2Learn menu bar.

Step 1

Login to Desire2Learn and access the course for which you are submitting an assignment.

Step 2

Select on the Dropbox located in the Assessments drop-down menu.

Step 3

Locate the assignment you would like to submit/work on and click on that assignment link.

Step 4

Read carefully through the assignment instructions to ensure the accuracy of your submission.

Step 5

Click Add a File if, as it is in most cases, the assignment is a document outside of Desire2Learn.

Step 6

Upload the file by either dragging from your computer or clicking the Upload button.

Step 7

Click Add.

Step 8

Leave comment in the associated text box.

Step 9

Click Submit and your assignment will be uploaded.