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D2L Student Support - How to Post/Reply to a Discussion

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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The following documentation shows how to post and reply within a discussion forum for Desire2Learn.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Login to Desire2Learn and access the course you need.

Step 2

From the Communication drop-down menu, click on the Discussions.

Step 3

Click on the topic you want to post to.

Step 4

Click the Start a New Thread button.

Step 5

Enter what youwould like to call your post in the Subject textfield, then type your message in the Message textbox. When finished click the Post button and your post will be on the discussion board.

*Note: You may also attach a file to a post. To do this simply click the Add a File button.

Step 6

To reply to another post, click on the title of the thread.

Step 7

Click on the Reply to Thread button or click the Reply link to reply to another user who has already replied to thread. .

Step 8

Write the message you would like in the Message texbox and then click Post.

Step 9

Your reply will now be placed on the thread under the post you have replied to.

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