D2L - Setting Up WebDav with Cyberduck (Windows)

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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The following documentation will demonstrate how to use the program Cyberduck to setup a WebDav connection to a D2L course for Windows users. Cyberduck will need to be installed before setting up a connection and can be downloaded for free from http://cyberduck.ch/.

Step 1

Open Cyberduck.

Step 2

Click on the + button.

Step 3

Choose WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) from the top drop-down menu.

Step 4

In the Server: text box enter learndav.colorado.edu

Step 5

Type your CU login name in the Username: text box.

Step 6

Enter your course content path and then close the window.

*Note: Your course URL will consist of the domain https://learndav.colorado.edu and then the Course Offering Path, found in the Course Offering Information (accessed through Edit Course). If you are having trouble understanding the URL format, please visit the main WebDav page for further explanation.

Course content address Visual

Step 7

Your new connection will be displayed in your initial connections screen. Click this connection to open your course files.

Step 8

You may receive a prompt to enter your user information. Enter your Identikey password in the Password: text box.

*Note: Check the Save Password box to skip entering your password in the future.

Step 9

A window will now open displaying your course files. You can now manage files from this window.