D2L - Set Quiz Submission View

Last Updated: 12/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


The following documentation demonstrates how to set the Submission View for a quiz. The submission view settings determine how students see their completed quizzes. The submission view can be accessed either when creating a new quiz or by selecting an existing one from the Quiz List section of Manage Quizzes and clicking the Submission View tab.

Step 1

Within the Submission View tab, you can choose to either change your Default View or Add Additional View.

*Note: If you choose to change the Default View skip to step 4 in this tutorial.

Step 2

Give your new view a title within the Name: text field. Then type a message to appear after submissions within the Message: text field, if you wish.

Step 3

In the View Restrictions section, from the Date pull-down menus, you can select the desired date and time that this view will be available.

Step 4

To allow students to see quiz questions,

  1. In the View Details section, under Show Questions?, select Yes
  2. Select which questions and the question format to display. These separate options include:
    • Shows questions answered incorrectly: Displays incorrectly answered questions and the instructor feedback provided.
    • Shows questions answered correctly: Displays correctly answered questions and the instructor feedback provided.
    • Show all questions without user responses: Display only questions and NOT instructor provided feedback.
    • Show all questions with user responses: Display all questions and instructor provided feedback.
  3. To display the correct answer with the displayed question, select Show question answers
  4. To show the number of questions the student got correct, select Show question score and out of score

Step 5

To allow students to view the attempt score and overall score for the quizzes, select Show attempt score and overall attempt score, if applicable.

Step 6

To allow students to view the average score for the class, select Show class average.

Step 7

To allow students to view the grade distribution for the class, select Show score distribution.

Step 8

To save your changes, click Save