D2L - Record Audio

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Desire2Learn allows for users to record audio in a variety of locations. Course Instructors, for example, can record audio to be used for an assignment, quiz, news item, discussion among others. Students will be more limited in where they can record audio, generally within a discussion topic or when submitting an assignment. The documentation below will demonstrate how to record audio.

Step 1

Click the Record Audio button.

*Note: This button can appear in a variety of locations, but generally exists in an Attachments or  Attached Files section when creating an item.

Visual for step 1

Step 2

A new window will appear asking about your Adobe Flash Settings. Click on the Microphone tab, and make sure that the correct microphone is selected by choosing your desired microphone from the Microphone: drop-down menu.

*Note: The default microphone is a computer's Built in Microphone. If this is the microphone that you wish to use, skip to step 3.

Visual representation related to step 2

Step 3

Click on the Allow radio button.

Visual representation related to step 3

Step 4

Click Close.

Visual representation related to step 4

Step 5

When ready, click the red Record button.

Step 6

Click the red Record button once again when you are finished recording.

Step 7

Click the green Play button to make the recording is acceptable.

Step 8

Click the Add button.

Step 9

Your new recording will now added to your item.