D2L - Insert Course Media via Kaltura

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Instructors can insert a Kaltura media file with D2L tools including assignments, quizzes, news items, and discussions. Students generally are able only to insert a media file within a discussion topic or when submitting an assignment.


Step 1

While creating a new item, within the HTML editor, click the Insert Stuff button, as shown to the left.

Step 2

Click on the Kaltura link located on the left side bar.

Step 3

Enter your search terms (course number (e.g., socy 4131), tag, title, or description) then click the Search button. All of the user’s uploaded media (stored in the Kaltura Media Repository) that matches the search entry will be displayed.

*Important Notes:

  • The Kaltura feature will search for media files that have already been uploaded into the system.
  • Searching by course number only works if the course number was entered as a title, tag, or description when the file was uploaded.
  • This search feature does not support partial word searching.  So if your search for “cat” did not return the expected file(s), try “cats”, “cats”, or “cats”.

Step 4

Select your desired media file from the list and then click Next.

Step 5

The selected video will display in a preview screen. If satisfied with your selection, click Insert.

Step 6

Your Kaltura media file will now be inserted in the HTML Editor.

Step 7

Finish creating your item (assignment, discussion, etc...) and be sure to Publish the item or your file will not be inserted.