D2L - Manually import CUClicker grades into D2L (Windows)

Last Updated: 01/23/2018
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


This tutorial demonstrates how to import i>clicker results into your D2L grade book for Windows users. Visit the Upload Grades to D2L tutorial on OIT's YouTube channel to see a video of this process.

*Note: Before you can import i>clicker scores, you must first export your D2L course roster and place it in the i>clicker classes folder for your class, and configure i>clicker for use with D2L. To learn about this process, please visit the D2L - Setting Up CUClickers Integration tutorial.

Step 1

Open i>clicker.

Step 2

Select your course name, then click Open Gradebook.

Step 3

Click the Sync button.

*Note: Before you can successfully Sync, you must have some polling data in order to synchronize student names with i>clicker ID numbers.

Step 4

Click Close once the synchronization completes.

Step 5

Click on the Export icon.

Step 6

Select the sessions that you would like to export and then click Next.

Step 7

Choose your preferred Selected Session(s) and Points Exported options, then click Export.

Step 8

Choose a save location for the UploadFile.csv file, then click the Save button.

Step 9

Log into your D2L course and click on Grades located in the Assessments menu.

Step 10

Click Enter Grades, then click Import.

Step 11

Click the Choose File button.

Step 12

Select the file you have exported and click Open.

Step 13

The Import File field should now contain your Uploadfile.csv. Click the check box next to Create new grade items when an unrecognized item is referenced. Click Continue.

Step 14

Make sure all of the items are have the Create New Grade Item box checked and then click Continue.

Step 15

At the Step 3: New Grade Item Properties screen, make sure to select the following:

  • Category: None
  • Max. Points: Match the maximum number of points in your gradebook.
  • Can Exceed: You can choose not to set the Max. Points and then select the Can Exceed checkbox.
  • Bonus: Select if you are treating i>clicker scores as a "bonus" item in the gradebook.

Click Continue.

Step 16

At the Step 4: Errors and Warning Found screen, confirm that there are no error or warnings and click Continue.

Step 17

At the Step 5: Preview Import screen, review your imported data and select Import.

Step 18

You will be returned to the grade book, where you can see your new i>clicker scoring data has been updated.