D2L - Import/Export Course Contents and Components

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


The following documentation will demonstrate the process of importing and exporting course contents. Click one of the links below to jump to a section:

*Note: If you want to copy course contents from one D2L course to another, please visit the Copy Content Between Courses tutorial.

Step 1

Import Course Contents

Log into your course and click Edit Course on the navigation menu.

Step 2

Click Import / Export / Copy Components.

Step 3

Select the Import Components radio button, then click Start.

Step 4

Click the Upload button, then select your desired file.

Step 5

Click Import All Components to move the entire package.

*Note: You can import individual pieces of the package by clicking Advanced Options... and following the prompts.

Step 6

Wait for the package to finish importing, then click View Content.

Step 7

You will be taken to the Content area and your import will be complete.

Step 8

Export a Course

Click on the Import / Export / Copy Components link, from Edit Course (steps 1-2).

Step 9

Select the Export Components radio button and make sure the Include course files in the export package box is checked.

Step 10

Click Start.

Step 11

Select the course material you wish to export and then click Continue.

Step 12

Confirm that these are the components you wish to export and click Continue.

Step 13

Wait for the components to export.

Step 14

Click Finish.

Step 15

Click the Click here to download the export Zip package link and the file will download to your default download location.