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Last Updated: 04/14/2017
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The following documentation demonstrates how to import a grade book into Desire2Learn. The imported file must be in .CSV format and adhere to specific column label and other requirements. For guidance on how to create a file that will successfully import grades, please visit the Importing/Exporting a CSV Best Practices page.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Log into your course and in the Assessments drop-down menu click on Grades.

Step 2

Click Enter Grades.

Step 3

Click Import.

Step 4

Click on the Choose File or Browse button depending on your operating system. Locate the file you wish to upload and click Open.

Step 5

The Import File field should now contain your CSV file. Click Continue.

*Note: If your file fails to import, refer to the Importing/Exporting a CSV Best Practices page in order to ensure that your CSV file is formatted correctly.

Step 6

Review the list of new grade items to be imported and check that they have the Create New Grade Item box checked. Once reviewed click Continue.

*Note: If you see an Internal Error page after clicking Continue, your gradebook import file may be too large. Please see "Gradebook: Import Error" on the D2L Known Issues page. 

Step 7

At the Step 3: New Grade Item Properties screen, make sure to select the following:

  • Category: None
  • Max. Points: Match the maximum number of points in your gradebook.
  • Can Exceed: You can choose not to set the Max. Points and then select the Can Exceed checkbox.
  • Bonus: Select if you are treating i>clicker scores as a "bonus" item in the gradebook.

Click Continue.

Step 8

At the Step 4: Errors and Warning Found screen, confirm that there are no error or warnings and click Continue.

Step 9

At the Step 5: Preview Import screen, review your imported data and select Import.

Step 10

You will be returned to the Enter Grades User List, where you can see your new import data.

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