D2L - Impersonate a Student

Last Updated: 09/12/2018
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


As an instructor in a D2L course you have the ability to see your course from a student's perspective by using the Impersonate tool. For this purpose, each D2L courses has a demo student enrolled named !Impersonate, !Student (last name, first name). The process of impersonating this student is demonstrated below.

*Important Notes: 

  • If multiple demo students are needed, contact the IT Service Center in order to get another demo student enrolled into your course.
  • The !Impersonate, !Student cannot be enrolled in Groups or Sections in D2L. Therefore, it cannot be used to test these tools from a student's perspective.

Step 1

Access your D2L course. From the Communication drop-down menu click on Classlist.

Step 2

Select the "All" tab. Locate the demo student named !Impersonate, !Student (displayed as: last name, first name) and click on the drop-down menu to the right of the student's name and select Impersonate, as shown to the left.

*Note: If multiple demo students are needed for your course, contact the IT Service Center. The names of other demo students are:

  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Molly Brown
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Mark Twain
  • Albert Einstein

Step 3

An alert will pop up asking if you would like to impersonate this person, click Yes.

Step 4

You will now be able to view your course through the eyes of a student.

Step 5

In this view a new option will appear above your navigation bar saying:

!Student !Impersonate

Step 6

To stop impersonating a student click the drop-down menu and click the X.