D2L - Entering Adjusted Final Grades

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Adjusted final grades allow instructors to subjectively alter a student’s calculated grade to account for criteria like participation and effort. This tutorial will walk you through entering and releasing adjusted final grades.

Step 1

From the Assessments drop-down menu, select Grades and navigate to the Enter Grades tab.

Step 2

On the Enter Grades​ page, click the drop­-down arrow next to Final Adjusted Grade​ and choose G​rade All.​

*Note: If you did NOT check the Automatically keep final grades updated ​box in your Gradebook settings, you should recalculate the final grades at this time. Click the drop­down arrow next to Final Grades​ and choose Recalculate All.​ Follow the prompts in the window that opens.

Step 3

The Final Adjusted Grade​ column contains the grades which will be released to students. To begin, populate this column with the grades D2L has automatically calculated for each student by clicking the drop­down arrow next to Final Grades​ and choosing T​ransfer All. ​Click Yes in the confirmation prompt.

Step 4

Now that the Final Adjusted Grade​ column has been populated, you can adjust these grades as desired. For example, if the student’s grade is an 89, but you’d like to bump them up to a 90, simply enter “90” into the left hand Final Adjusted Grade column. Once you’ve verified that all the grades in the Final Adjusted Grade column are correct (note that there may be multiple pages of students to view), you are ready to make these grades visible to students.

Step 5

After your adjusted final grades have been entered, you will want to decide how to release these grades to your students. If you haven’t already enabled automatic grade release (see D2L - Releasing Final Grades), you can manually release your final grades by clicking the drop­down arrow next to Adjusted Final Grade and choosing Release All.​ After you click Y​es ​in the confirmation prompt, your students will now be able to see their final adjusted grades.

Step 6

Grades will be visible for all students for whom the R​elease Final Adjusted Grade or Release Final Calculated Gradebox is checked (depending on which you selected in your gradebook settings). If needed, you can use this page to release final grades for some students but not others. To quickly change this setting for multiple students at once, select the students using the checkboxes on the left side of the list and then click Release/Unrelease.