D2L - Encrypt Exported Grade Book- Office 2010 on Windows

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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Once a Gradebook has been downloaded, it is stongly recommended that it is assigned a password for protection. This document shows how to set a password in Office 2010 for Windows.

Step 1

Open the file either by double clicking on the file or opening the file in Microsoft Excel.

Step 2

In the Windows Home drop-down menu select Prepare. From the Prepare side menu select Encyrpt Document.

Step 3

Enter a password and click the OK button.

Step 4

Reenter the password and click the OK button.

The document is now protected.  Please remember that the document cannot be recovered if you lose your password.  If you need to keep a list of passwords store the list in a secure location such as a lock box or locked cabinet.

Step 5

Next you must permanently delete the original file downloaded from CULearn.  To permanently delete a file, click the file, press SHIFT, and then press DELETE.  Be certain that you are deleting the correct file.  This step for deleting files is not sufficient for deleting old gradebooks which contain Social Security Numbers. Please contact the IT Security Office for help securely deleting files containing Social Security Numbers.