D2L - Editing Multiple Items

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Within Desire2Learn courses there exists a tool that allows for instructors to edit multiple items at one time. This tool is accessed by clicking on the double pencil icon that appears in many sections of Desire2Learn, including the Quizzes, Dropbox and Gradebook. The following documentation will show you how to use this tool within these and areas.

*Note: The Content tool also has the ability to edit multiple items, by using the double pencil, Bulk Edit button. However, with the version 10 UI the look is very different from the tools listed above.

Step 1

Within the chosen tool area (Grades, Dropbox, or Quizzes), check the boxes next to the items you wish to edit.

*Note: The image to the left shows the Quizzes section when using this tool; however, the Dropbox and Grades sections will have identical processes when using the tool.

Step 2

Click the double pencil icon.

Step 3

Edit the properties that you would like to change.

*Note: These properties will vary by tool area, but common elements are Name and Category.

Step 4

Click Save.

Your edited properties will now be reflected.

Step 5

Be sure that you have click the Save button and your changes will be reflected.