D2L - Customize the Appearance of Your Widgets

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
One Column
Two Column
This tutorial is operating system independent.


The following documentation goes through the process of customizing the appearance of your Widgets. This applies to System Widgets as Custom Widgets are customized by clicking the Edit icon rather than the Customize icon. To learn about editing widgets please visit the Edit Custom Widgets tutorial.

Step 1

Enter the course you would like and click on Edit Course button on the navigation bar.

Step 2

Click Widgets.

Step 3

Click the Customize icon you would like to customize, as shown in the image to the left.

*Note: The image to the left shows this action be taken from the Custom Widgets Tab, however the same icon is clicked to edit widgets within the System Widget tab.

Step 4

Within this screen you may change any of the following settings.

  • Border: Select this check box if you want to display your widget in a box.
  • Box Style: Select the border thickness for your widget.
  • Title Bar: Select this check box if you want to show the title bar.
  • Title Bar: Color Choose a color for your Title Bar.
  • Widget Title: Type a title for the box (e.g. Search Engines, Campus Info, etc).
  • Title Color: Choose a color for your widget title.
  • Title Alignment: Choose how you want the widget title aligned within its associated column.
  • Expand/Minimize: Select this check box if you want to prohibit the ability to minimize widgets.

Step 5

Click Save and the changes you have made will be reflected.