D2L - Creating Sections

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


When you request your official course in MyCUInfo, sections will be automatically created and students and TAs will be enrolled in sections based on information derived from our student information system, Campus Solutions.

The following documentation will help you to manually create sections if you prefer to manage your sections and assign students to sections yourself; however, we encourage you to use the Groups tool instead. Visit the Groups tool tutorial for more information.

*Note: TAs may not be automatically assigned to sections upon course/section creation. Please refer to the Assigning Course Participants to Sections tutorial to learn about adding TAs to course sections.

Step 1

Click Edit Course in the navigation bar.

Step 2

Click Sections in the Learner Management area.

*Note: If for some reason your course does not have a Sections link, you can activate this feature by clicking Course Offering Information, then checking the Course has sections box, and then clicking Save.

Step 3

To add a new section to your course, click Add Section.

Step 4

Choose a Section Name and a Section Code. Then click Add. Repeat this process to add further sections.

Step 5

To delete a Section you created, check the box next to that section and click Delete. Then choose Yes in the prompt that opens.

*Note: If this is an official CU Boulder course, it will contain sections that were automatically created to reflect your official class roster. Be sure not to delete any of these sections, as that will cause problems with the automatic process that keeps your D2L Classlist up to date.

Step 6

To enroll students in sections you’ve created, visit the Assigning Course Participants to Sections tutorial.