D2L - Creating Attendance Registers

Last Updated: 08/10/2018
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Attendance registers are a helpful tool that allow you to record students' presence at or participation in course-related sessions. They allow you to add information such as class lists and events in order to quickly and easily record student attendance.

Follow the steps below to create a class attendance register within your course. 

*Note: This documentation covers, in order, how to create attendance registers select users, and create sessions in a register . Be sure to pay attention to the step titles to see to which topic the documentation corresponds.

Step 1

Create Attendance Registers

Click Attendance on the Navigation bar.

*Note: Desire2Learn courses do not have the Attendance tool active by default. To add the Attendance tool to your course please follow the steps in the Add a Tool to the Navigation Bar tutorial.

Step 2

Click New Register.

Step 3

In the Name textfield enter the name for this register. If you chose to you may also enter a description of the register in the Description textfield.

Step 4

In the Attendance Scheme drop-down menu select the Organization Scheme you want to use.

*Note: Unless you have created a custom Attendance Scheme, this will default to System Scheme

Step 5

In the Cause for Concern textfield enter a percentage if you want to see a Cause for Concern icon (warning) beside under performing users' names on the Attendance Data page

Step 6

Make sure the Visiblity box is checked if you want users to view the attendance register. You can unclick this box if you do not want users to see the registrar. 

Step 7

In the Users sub-section, click the Include all users in this course radio button to include all users. 

*Note: If you want to select specific users, skip to the next step. 

Step 8

Select Users

In the Users sub-section, click the Include all users in the following groups/sections: radio button. Click Add Groups/Sections

Step 9

From the Group/Section Category: drop-down menu choose your desired category. 

Step 10

Select the check box(es) beside the groups or sections you wish to add to the register. Click Add

Step 11

Create Sessions in a Register

To create a session, type the name of an attendance event (i.e. Class 1) into the Session Name text field. Include a description of the event in the Session Description text field. Repeat for desired amount of sessions, then click Save

Step 12

You should see a Created Successfully image in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.