D2L - Creating Accessible Tables

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Tables can be a helpful way to display complex data. Follow the steps below to create tables in D2L that are accessible to assistive technology users.

Step 1

Edit your content in the HTML Editor’s Design View.

Step 2

Click the add table dropdown button and select the size of table you want to create.

Step 3

Your table may need column or row headings to help users make sense of your content, and those headers will also need to be made accessible to users of assistive technology.

To designate a cell as a column header, place your cursor in the first cell of the header row and click on the dropdown menu next to the add table button. In this dropdown menu, click Cell Properties.

Step 4

Once the Cell Properties dialog box appears, click the Cell Type drop down menu, change the selection to Column Header, then click OK. This process was successful if the cell you selected now contains bold text.

Step 5

Repeat this process for each cell in the header row.