D2L - Create a Survey

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


The following documentation demonstrates the process of constructing a Survey. This documentation does not explain how to create different question types, only how to construct a survey. To how to create the different question types please refer to the Creating Survey Questions page.

*Note: Surveys cannot be linked to a grade item. If you wish to grade a survey-like assignment, use the quiz tool instead.

Step 1

Log into your course and click on Surveys located under the Edit Course tab on the navigation bar.

Step 2

Click on the New Surveys icon.

Step 3

Enter a survey title in the Name field.

Step 4

In the General section of the Properties tab choose your options. Options include:

  • Category: If you have categories set up in your grade book, you can put your quiz into a category by selecting it from the Category: drop-down menu or create a category by clicking the [add category] link.
  • Feedback: Allow for instant question feedback.
  • Anonymous: Allow for results to be anonymous.
  • Survey Questions: Add and Edit questions here.
  • Description/Submission Message: If you wish to add a message to the survey.
  • Page Footer: Add a footer to appear at the bottom of every survey page.
  • Add Rubric: This option can now be found under the Assessments tab next to Restrictions. You can add a pre-existing rubric to your survey by clicking the Add Rubric button or create a new rubric by clicking the [Create Rubric in New Window] link.

Step 5

Click on the Add/Edit Questions button.

Step 6

Create a question by choosing a question type from the New drop-down menu.

*Note: To learn how to create different question types, please visit the Creating Survey Questions page.

Step 7

You can also create question sections by choosing Section from the New drop-down menu.

Step 8

You can put questions into sections by:

  • Creating a new question within a section by clicking the section, choosing a question type from the Create New drop-down menu.
  • For an existing question(s) click the box next to the question(s) and then click the Move Selected Items to a Section icon as shown to the left, then select which section to put the item(s) in.

Step 9

When finished creating questions/sections, click the Done button.

Step 10

Choose how many questions you wish to have per page and whether you will allow for users to go back in the quiz.

Step 11

Choose a Start Date: and an End Date: for your quiz. Also be sure to set your survey as Active.

Step 12

Choose if you would like to attach or create release conditions, allow for limited/unlimited reponses, as well as add any special access for users.

Step 13

Click the Objectives tab and Associate Learning Objectives, if applicable.

Step 14

To add a report to your survey, click on Reports Setup, then click Add Report.

Step 15

Fill in Report Name field with the title of your report. Select the Report Type and when you would like it to be released. Then select who you want to allow to see the report under Release Report To.

*Note: View a separate tutorial to have a more in depth look into creating Reports.

Step 16

Click Save when finished.

Step 17

Review your survey and click Save and Close to finish.