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Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


The following documentation goes through the process of constructing a quiz within Desire2Learn.

*Note: This documentation does not explain how to create different question types, just how to construct a quiz. To find out how to create the different question options please refer to the Creating Quiz Questions page.

To jump to a specific quiz creation section click on an option below:

Step 1

Log into your course and from the Assessments drop-down menu click on Quizzes.

Step 2

Click on the New Quiz button.

Step 3

Type your quiz name in the Name field. Add and edit questions by clicking Add/Edit Questions.

After questions have been created for the quiz, this screen will allow you to enter the number of Questions per Page. You can also toggle quiz question randomization on and off using the Shuffle the order of questions at the quiz level checkbox.

The Optional Advanced Properties section at the bottom of the page, allows you to: 

  • Allow for Hints
  • Disable the Chat feature of D2L for the duration of the quiz
  • Disable right-click mouse feature for the duration of the quiz
  • Add a quiz message
  • Add a header or a footer to a quiz

Step 4

Change the layout and create question sections by choosing Section from the New drop-down menu, then clicking Section.

Step 5

Title your section in the Section Name field and add any descriptions. 

Step 6

Under Display Options, choose whether or not to Shuffle the order of questions in this section. When you have finished, click Save.

Step 7

Create a question by choosing a question type from the New drop-down menu and then choose the type of question you want.

*Note: To learn how to create different question types please visit the Creating Quiz Questions page.

Step 8

You can put questions into sections by:

  • Creating a new question within a section by clicking the section, choosing a question type from the New drop-down menu and then clicking the question type you want.
  • For an existing question(s) click the box next to the question(s) and then click the Move Selected Items to a Section icon as shown to the left, then select which section to put the item(s) in.

When you are finished editing and adding questions, click Done Editing Questions.

Step 9

When finished adding and editing questions, click the Restrictions tab. From here, choose a Start Date: and an End Date: for your quiz, and set any time limits. Choose if you would like to attach or create release conditions. Also be sure to set your quiz as Active.

Choose your Timing Options:

  • If you choose No Time Limit, then use Recommended Length to give students an estimate of how long the quiz should take.
  • If you choose Enforce a time limit, then after the Time Limit for the quiz has run out, students will have a Grace Period to finish the quiz before it’s counted late.
  • The Late Behavior setting determines if, when the Grace Period is up, the quiz will simply be marked as late, or the student will be forced to stop working or receive a 0 as well.

Step 10

Click the Assessment tab to add grading options. Under Grade Item, selecting a grade item with a quiz allows quiz results to be automatically linked to the Grades tool. Click Add Rubric to add any rubrics to your quiz. Under Attempts, select how many attempts you will allow for the quiz and how it will be graded.

Step 11

Under Objectives, add any Associate Learning Objectives if applicable.

Step 12

Click on the Submission View and change your Default View or Add Additional View, if you so choose.

For more information on adjusting the submission view, please visit the Set Quiz Submission View tutorial.

Step 13

Under the Reports Setup tab, if desired you may Add a Report. For more details on how to add reports, go to the Create a Report page. Once complete, click Save and Close.