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Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Creating groups in Desire2Learn can be quite useful for instructors. If group projects are a part of a course, Desire2Learn's Group tool is a great resource to set up areas for groups to submit assignments and have discussion areas specifically for members of these Groups. The following documentation goes through the process of creating Groups within Desire2Learn.

Step 1

Log into your course and click on Groups located on the navigation menu.

*Note: Desire2Learn courses do not have the Groups tool active by default. The Groups tool can be accessed by:

Step 2

Click on New Category.

Step 3

For the Category Information sections, enter:

  • A Category Name
  • A description of the category/group project
  • An Enrollment Type (to learn more about enrollment types please visit the Enrollment Types page)
  • The Number of Groups or Number of Users desired. Please note that this setting does not apply to Single-user, member-specific groups, which by design are always groups of one.

Step 4

Under the Advanced Options section, define if you would like a Discussion area or a Dropbox for the Groups. It is generally good practice to have a Discussion area for a group so they have a common place to communicate

*Note: If you choose to create discussion areas for your groups, it is highly recommended that you leave the default option, “Create one topic with threads separated by group,” selected. Creating one topic with group-separated threads rather than creating one topic per group will make it easier to navigate and assess group discussions.

Step 5

Discussions created for Single-user, member-specific groups will be automatically generated if the set up discussion areas box is checked. In single-user groups, these discussions can be used as student journals or blogs, since they will only be accessible by their authors, their TAs, and the instructor of the course.

Step 6

Click Save.

*Note: If you have set up your groups for Auto Enrollment, Student Self Enrollment, or Single-user, member-specific groups, then you are now finished. If you need to enroll students manually, continue to step 7.

Step 7

Under Manage Groups, make sure that the group you want is selected from the View Categories drop-down menu. 

Step 8

In the drop-down menu to the right of your selected group, select Enroll Users. Click this option to place students into groups.

Step 9

Click the checkbox in the Group you would like the students to be in . When finished puting users into groups click Save.