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D2L - Create a Dropbox Assignment

Last Updated: 12/22/2016
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The following documentation will show how to create an assignment in the Dropbox section of D2L. The Dropbox is used for students to turn in assignments that have been done outside of Desire2Learn, such as an essay or presentation.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Log into your course and from the Assesments drop-down menu click Dropbox.

Step 2

Click on New Folder.

Step 3

In the Name: text field enter a title for your assignment.

Step 4

Next choose if you would like to:

  • Enable Plagiarism protection for an assignment (recommended for essay submissions)
  • Have the folder be an Individual submission folder or a Group submission folder.
  • Have your assignment be in a gradebook category

Step 5

If you would like for your assignment to be graded select which grade item to attach your assignment to, or create a new grade item, if necessary.

Step 6

If you have created a rubric that you would like to use for this assignment click on the Add Rubric button, or click on the [Create Rubric in New Window] link to create new rubric for the assignment.

*Note: Attaching a rubric is optional and will, in most cases, not be used for an assignment.

Step 7

If you have attached a grade item to this assignment, enter in the same same assignment value in the Out of: text field that you have entered for the grade item.

Step 8

Type in any instructions that you have for an assignment in the Custom Instructions text box.

Step 9

Choose how many files allowed per submission, as well as how many submissions are allowed per student.

Enter your email address in the Notification Email field if you would like to be notified each time a submission is received by this folder.

Step 10

Under the Restrictions tab, you have the ability to:

Step 11

When finished setting up your Dropbox assignment folder click Save.

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