D2L - Create a Custom Widget

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
One Column
Two Column
This tutorial is operating system independent.


The following documentation shows how to create a custom widget step by step.

Step 1

Enter the course that you would like to create a widget for and click on Edit Course on the navigation bar.

Step 2

Click Widgets.

Step 3

Click Create Widget.

Step 4

Type a Name for the widget and an associated Description.

Step 5

Click the Content tab.

Step 6

If you want to add a file, click the Insert Stuff button as show in the picture. 

Step 7

Once you have selected the file you would like, click Upload

Step 8

Click the Customize Widget Style button.

Step 9


Within the customize screen change any of the following settings.

  • Border: Select this check box if you want to display your widget in a box.
  • Box Style: Select the border thickness for your widget.
  • Title Bar: Select this check box if you want to show the title bar.
  • Title Bar: Color Choose a color for your Title Bar.
  • Widget Title: Type a title for the box (e.g. Search Engines, Campus Info, etc).
  • Title Color: Choose a color for your widget title.
  • Title Alignment: Choose how you want the widget title aligned within its associated column.
  • Expand/Minimize: Select this check box if you want to prohibit the ability to minimize widgets.

When you are done, click Save

Step 10

Add the content that you would like to within the contents box and then click Save.

Step 11

Click the Release Conditions tab.

Step 12


Click Attach Existing or Create and Attach to add applicable release conditions.

*Note:  Release Conditions are used for making an item appear only once a certain event occurs. For example, you would like for your custom widget to appear after a certain quiz has been attempted.

Click Save and Close when finished. 

Step 13

Your Custom Widget has now been created, but will not appear anywhere. To learn about this process go to the Add and Move Widgets on your Course Homepage tutorial.