D2L - Copying Grades Schemes

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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A grade scheme is a way of organizing users’ performances on grade items into levels of achievement. A grade scheme can include any number of achievement levels, with each achievement level having a numeric value, letter, or text description to represent it.

In order to make changes to the default letter grade scheme, you will first have to make a copy of it. The following documentation demonstrates how to create a custom grade scheme in D2L based on CU’s default “Letter Grades” scheme.

*Note: In order to upload your course’s final grades into the Registrar's web grading system, a Letter Grades scheme is necessary. To learn more about exporting final grades for web grading please visit the Export Grades for Web Grading tutorial.

Step 1

Log in to D2L. From the Assessments drop-down menu, click Grades.

Step 2

Click Schemes

Step 3

Click on the More Actions drop-down arrow, then click Copy.

Step 4

A list of schemes that can be copied will appear. To copy the default Letter Grades scheme, select the bubble for Learn | University of Colorado at Boulder (CUBOULDER) - Letter Grades.

Step 5

Once you’ve selected the grade scheme you’d like to duplicate, click Copy at the bottom of the page to return to the man Schemes page.

Step 6

In the list of schemes, you should now see a scheme called Copy of Letter Grades. Click this scheme name to edit its parameters.

Step 7

On the Edit Scheme screen, enter a Name and Short Name for your scheme. This will make it easier to identify when you apply it later.

Step 8

Use the Ranges section to change the Symbol, Start %, Color, and Assigned Value for each achievement level.

  • Add additional achievement levels by clicking clicking Add Ranges at the bottom of this list, and delete achievement levels by clicking on the trash can icon to the right of each level.
  • The Symbol indicates what each achievement level will be called. In this case a letter grade is assigned to a given score range.
  • An achievement level’s Start % indicates the lowest score needed to achieve it. (There is no need to indicate an End %, since this is implied by the Start % of the next achievement level)

Edit these parameters as desired to meet the specifications of your custom scheme. When you are finished modifying your grade scheme, click Save and Close.

Step 9

You can now set your new scheme as the default for your course by clicking the checkmark under Set As Default. A green checkmark under Default Scheme indicates the current default.

Step 10

You can also assign a scheme to an individual grade item from the Edit Grade Item screen. It is possible to create multiple grade schemes and apply them to individual grade items as desired.