D2L - Copy Content Between Courses

Last Updated: 09/19/2018
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Desire2Learn will no longer be available after the Spring 2019 semester. Learn more about Canvas, CU Boulder's new learning management system. 

Desire2Learn allows for instructors to copy content between courses, including, but not limited to Quizzes, Dropbox folders, and Widgets. This is a very useful tool for instructors who offer similar courses simultaneously or during separate semesters. The following documentation demonstrates the process of copying course components/content from one course to another.  

Step 1

Log into the course you wish to copy content into, and click the Edit Course link on the navigation bar.

Step 2

The Course Administration page is displayed. Under the Site Resources section heading, click the Import/Export/Copy Components option.

Step 3

Select Copy Components from Another Org Unit.

Step 4

Click the Search for Offering button.

Step 5

In the Search For: text field, enter the course you wish to copy, click the search button. Select the radio button next to the Offering Code then click Add Selected.

Step 6

Choose either Copy All Components or Select Components.

*Note: The remaining steps will explain the process of Selecting Components. If you choose Copy All Components, the materials will begin copying to your course.

Step 7

A list of components will appear once you choose a course to copy from. Choose individual components to copy, verify that the Include Associated Files box is checked, then click Continue.

Step 8

Review and confirm the items to be copied. If correct, choose Finish. If you need to make changes, choose the Go Back button.

Step 9

The materials will begin copying. If all materials are moves successfully, there will be a green check mark to the left of all chosen materials.

*Note: If you copied over custom homepages or Navbars from your old course, your new course will have the same active homepage/Navbar from your old course. These settings can be changed by going to Edit Course then clicking either Homepages or Navigation & Themes. Check out the Navbar tutorial to learn more.