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Last Updated: 04/03/2017
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The following documentation demonstrates how to change the final grade calculation settings of a Desire2Learn course.

For more information on calculating final grades please visit the Calculating and Releasing Final Grades page.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Log into your course and from the Assessments drop-down menu click on Grades.

Step 2

Click on Settings.

Step 3

Click on the Calculation Options tab.

Step 4

In the Grading System section there are three option to choose from on how to calculate grades for the course:

  • Weighted
  • Points
  • Formula

Step 5

Within the Grade Calculations section instructors have two options on how to handle ungraded items:

  • Drop ungraded items: Excludes ungraded items from the calculation of grades. For example, this option will drop any assignment yet to be assigned, but is in the gradebook for future use in a term. This option will keep student grades more accurate throughout a semester.
  • Treat ungraded items as 0: Assigns a value of 0 as the points received for all ungraded item. This option is useful at the end of a semester if you would like all uncompleted student assignments that were ungraded for any reason as 0s.

*Note: The Drop ungraded items option is especially useful when the Automatically keep final grades updated option is checked, because it won't take into account grade items yet to be assigned/completed.

Step 6

When you have finished modifying your settings click Save.

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