D2L to Canvas Manual Course Migration

Last Updated: 11/08/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Log in to D2L. From your course homepage, click Edit Course. This will take you to the Course Administration page.

Step 2

Click Import/Export/Copy Components under the Site Resources heading.

Step 3

On the Import/Export/Copy Components page, select Export Components. If you have uploaded any PDFs, documents, images, spreadsheets, or other external files to your course, you should also check Include course files in the export package. Then click Start.

Step 4

On the Select Course Material page, check Select All Components, then click Continue.

Note: Exporting all components will not export any student data (e.g., responses, grades, or personal information).


Step 5

If you would only like to export certain course components from D2L, instead of checking Select all components, check the boxes individually. Then click Select individual items to export under each component category you’d like to export. When you click Continue, the following screens will allow you to select individual grade items/categories, news items, course content items, and dropboxes. In the example below, only Content items will be exported, not dropbox folders, grade items/categories, or news items.

Step 6

On the Confirm Components to Export Page, check Include course files in the export package again. Verify that your export selections include all items. Then click Continue.

Step 7

On the Export Course Components page, click Finish.

Step 8

On the Export Summary page, click the link that reads Click here to download the export Zip package. This will initiate the course package download. Wait for the .zip file to download completely, then click Done.

Step 9

Log into your account on Canvas, then click Dashboard in the left sidebar. Select the empty course where you would like to import your D2L course content.

Step 10

You should land on the Home page. From this page, click Add existing content.

Step 11

On the Import Content page, select D2L export .zip format from the Content Type drop-down menu. Then, next to Source, click Choose File and select the .zip file you downloaded from D2L in Step 8. Leave the Default Question bank box set to Select question bank. If you will be importing all of the course material from your D2L course, click All content. Finally, click Import.

Step 12

If you would like to adjust the due dates for the items you are importing from D2L, check the box Adjust events and due dates. This will make the Date adjustment options visible. Select Shift dates. In the date boxes below, put the begin/end dates of the previous semester in the left column, and the begin/end dates for the new semester in the right. Finally, click Import.

Step 13

You will see the import progress bar under Current Jobs. Its status should be Running. Wait until the job status is Complete. (The amount of time may vary depending on the size of your course and the amount of content you are importing.)

Step 14

Once the import is complete, explore your course to ensure that everything that you selected was migrated.