D2L - Applying a Toolkit Homepage

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Toolkit Homepages are pre­made homepages in D2L that you can quickly and easily apply to your course. Along with Toolkit Navbars, Homepages provide a simple way to customize how your D2L course looks and what D2L features are available to your students. For more information, visit our D2L Course Layout page.

The steps below will explain how to apply a Toolkit Homepage to your course. If you haven’t already, we recommend selecting a Toolkit Navbar first, since that will determine which D2L features you wish to use in your course.

Step 1

Click Edit Course on the navigation bar.

Step 2

Click on Homepages.

Step 3

Click the dropdown menu under Active Homepage.

Step 4

Select the Toolkit Homepage you wish to apply from the dropdown menu. Each Toolkit Homepage will set a particular tool as the homepage for your course. So if you choose "Toolkit Homepage: Content," students will see the course Content immediately when they open your course. To make things easy for your students, choose a Toolkit Homepage that corresponds with whichever link appears first in your NavBar.

Step 5

Click Apply. At this point, the Toolkit Homepage will appear as the homepage of your course.

Step 6

You can always revert back to the default course homepage by repeating these steps and choosing -- Default -- from the Active Homepage dropdown menu.