CUClickers - Upload Grades to D2L

Last Updated: 01/12/2018
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


This tutorial outlines the process of uploading CUClickers grades to D2L.

Step 1

In iClicker, select your class and open the Gradebook.

Step 2

It's best practice to sync your roster before uploading grades. Click Sync Roster.

Step 3

Click Log In. A browser window will open, but ignore it and navigate back to the i>clicker gradebook.

When the roster download process is complete, you will see a notification window. Click Close.

Step 4

i>clicker will download your roster from D2L and confirm all the registered clicker ID’s. Unregistered clickers and students who have not yet registered their clickers will appear in red. Students who have registered their clickers will appear in blue. If a student has yet to use a clicker in class, their names will also appear in red. 

Now you are ready to upload the grades to D2L. Click Sync Scores.

Step 5

Click Log In to connect i>clicker to D2L

Step 6

Click Select All. This guarantees that students who have recently registered their clickers will get credit for their answers. Click Next.

Step 7

Choose how you want your grades to be uploaded. Many instructors feel that Each session is a separate entry and Total points are the most straightforward way to upload the scores. When ready, click Upload.

Step 8

The upload process can take a few minutes, especially with larger classes. Eventually you will be notified that your scores have been uploaded successfully. Click Close.

Step 9

Go to the course in D2L, click the Assessments tab, then Manage Grades. You’ll notice new grade items (in this case Sessions 1 and 2) have been added. Select the new grade items and then click Bulk Edit.

Step 10

Choose whatever category you created for your clicker scores from the dropdown menu. Please note that this system works best with a weighted category grading scheme.

For information about converting a points scheme to a weighted category scheme, please contact Click Save to save your changes.