CUClickers - Sync Class Roster in D2L

Last Updated: 01/10/2018
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This tutorial outlines the process of syncing your D2L roster with CUClickers software.

Step 1

Log in to D2L. Go to your course page and select Edit Course.

Step 2

Select Course Offering Information.

Step 3

Append the semester and year to the Course Offering Name and click Save. Leave D2L open.

Step 4

Open i>clicker and go to your course Settings.

Step 5

Go to the Gradebook tab, choose Desire2Learn from the LMS Name drop-down, and click Select Course.

Step 6

Click Log In and log into D2L. You may see an error that something isn’t working. Ignore the notification and return to i>clicker.

Step 7

After i>clicker reopens, choose your course from the list and click Select.

Step 8

Click Save to close the settings menu (ignore the warning about your roster).

Step 9

Click Open Gradebook.

Step 10

Click Sync Roster.

Step 11

Click the Log In button, and ignore the warning again.

Step 12

When the roster is downloaded, click Close.

Step 13

iClicker will download a roster from D2L, and you’ll see your students names in red.

Step 14

Once you’ve polled the class, you’ll need to sync your roster again.  Students with clickers registered to their names will appear in blue, and those without will appear in red.

For assistance uploading grades, see the D2L Upload Grades tutorial.