CUClickers / i>clickers - Installation Instructions (Windows)

Last Updated: 01/18/2017
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This tutorial goes through the process of downloading and installing i>clicker software on a Windows computer. Visit OIT's YouTube channel to watch a video tutorial of this process.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

Step 1

Download the i>clicker software file from the CUClickers/i>clickers page.

Step 2

Move the .zip file to the location you want i>clicker to be (e.g. your desktop), then double click the .zip file to uncompress it.

Step 3

Open the new folder, iclicker_win_79

Step 4

If you aren’t using D2L, or if you want to manually handle getting your grades into D2L, you can go to our next tutorial, How to set up i>clicker.  If you do want to use the Easy Sync D2L integration, proceed to step 7.

Step 5

Expand the Resources folder.

Step 6

Expand the LMS Wizard folder.

Step 7

Move the LMS Wizard file into the Resources folder

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