CUClickers - Mac Installation Instructions

Last Updated: 05/29/2019
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This tutorial goes through the process of downloading and installing i>clicker software on a Mac. 

Step 1

Go to the CUClickers/i>clickers - Get Software page. After entering your information, download the CUClickers Mac software package. Once the download is complete, run the install package from your download folder. 

*Please note: You may have to right click or press control + click to open the software package, depending on the security settings of your Mac.

Step 2

Follow the instructions to install the software. The program will be installed in your Applications folder, unless you choose otherwise. 

Step 3

You will need to approve the installation for it to complete installation. 

Step 4

Once the installation is complete, find the CUClickers Mac folder in your installation location. Double click the iclicker icon to open. 

Step 5

 Click + Create to create a course.

Step 6

Enter a Course Name for your course and click Create.

Step 7

Click Settings.

Step 8

Enter your Instructor Remote ID (if you have one) and the room Subfrequency Code. Frequency codes are assigned to the room in which you are teaching and can be found on the Room Frequency Assignments page. 

Step 9

On the Scoring tab, set Participation and Performance points you wish to award for your class.  Participation points are awarded all-or-nothing for the day, whereas Performance points can be awarded per question for answering, or for answering correctly.

Step 10

On the Gradebook tab, select both check boxes under Export and upload options. Do NOT check the box next to Only sync remote registrations with students in your LMS. When finished, click Save

You are now ready to use iClicker in class and set up your gradebook. For additional help, visit the CUClickers Help page. To configure iClicker for your course, use the following tutorials: