CUClickers - Manually Integrate iclicker with D2L for Mac and PC

Last Updated: 09/25/2017
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This tutorial outlines the process of syncing your D2L roster with CUClickers software manually.

Step 1

First go to your CUClickers folder and remove the LMS_Wizard.xml file from the resources folder. It doesn’t matter where you put it, as long as it’s not in the resources folder.

Step 2

Open D2L and select your class.

Step 3

Select Assessments and then choose Grades from the drop down menu.

Step 4

Select Enter Grades and click Export.

Step 5

Select Username, Last Name, and First Name. Ensure no other checkboxes are selected except for a single numeric grade item, and click Export to CSV.

Step 6

Click the link in the pop up window, and save the file.

Step 7

Open the file and save it in your class folder. This can be found in the CUClickers Mac 7.10 Folder, in the Classes folder, and in the folder with the name of your class. You will need to name the file GradesExport.

Step 8

Excel will give you a warning regarding features in a CSV file. Click Continue.

Step 9

Return to i>clicker, choose your course, and click Settings.

Step 10

Click on the Gradebook Tab and select Desire2Learn from the Roster Source drop down menu. Then select Upload zero scores as zero, and Upload Ab (absent) scores as zero. Click Save.

Step 11

Open your gradebook from the i>clicker welcome page.  If you haven’t polled the class yet, all the students names will appear, in red.  If you have already polled the class, you’ll see red names AND red numbers in the column on the left.  These are the i>clicker ID’s.  To link them to the student names, follow the instructions for D2L Manual Integration Sync and Upload for Mac or Windows.