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Buff Portal Advising - Student Check-in Process (Admin)

Use this tutorial to add, remove and edit check-in queues for meetings with students.

Please note: The view of this process is slightly different for Student Success Staff. Please see the Buff Portal Advising - AAC Check-in Process tutorial for more. 

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How does it work?

  • Individual meetings will need to be set up with the appropriate card reader location.
  • Drop-in sessions will need both the card reader location and the appropriate queue.
  • Student success staff members (advisor/coach/peer) will need to be assigned to the appropriate queue.


Default Preferences

  • Select AAC Woodbury as the default card reader location. If this is set, it will auto-populate all newly created meetings
  • If needed, change the Default Meeting Check-in Queue. If this is set, it will auto-populate all newly created meetings


Individual Appointments 

Set up an individual meeting as you normally would. Remember to use descriptive titles and include discipline/topics.

Choose a Card Reader Location and set Meeting Check In Queue to None


Drop-in Sessions

Set up the meeting as normal. Choose a Card Reader Location and the appropriate queue from the Meeting Check In Queue drop down. 

*Please Note: To receive a notification when students check in, the drop-in session must have an associated queue and the staff needs be participate in the queue.


Adding or Removing a Queue

In the Admin Panel, open User Preferences and click Queue Selection to select the appropriate queues. A queue must be selected to receive notifications for student check-in

Please note: Queues are used for drop-in sessions only.


Admin/peer users also have access to assign queues to staff. Navigate to the Manage Advisor Queues tab, then type in the staff member name. Click Submit after selecting the appropriate staff member


The queues can then be assigned.


Select the appropriate queue(s) from the Available Queues list (hold ctrl/cmd to select multiple queues). Use the arrows to add or remove to the Selected Queues list. 

Once all queues are selected, click save and refresh your browser page. The check-in icon will then display and chime for check-ins to the selected queue.


Student Check-in Experience 

Students can check-in up to 30 minutes prior and anytime during the scheduled session by:

  • swiping their BuffOne Card,
  • entering their SID
  • entering their identikey


The student will select the appropriate session from the options displayed

  • Any reserved appointments will appear at the top
  • All available drop-in sessions will appear below


Queue Notifications

Selected queues will display under the check-in icon

When a student checks in to an individual appointment or any drop-in with the selected queue(s), the number will increase and a sound notification (chime) will be played.


In the Check-In window you can: 

  • Sort by any column by selecting the arrow icon
  • Click a Student's name to open the student console page
  • Use the search field to find anything on the page
  • Change Options field to SeenStudent Left, or Waiting
  • Click the Seen By button to open student console and assign


Queue Management - Drop Ins

Notification will occur when a student checks in and selects the desired session. Select the queue of interest to view the list of checked in students.


For drop-in queues, the Options are Seen and Student Left. Select Assign Back to Queue to set status back to Waiting

Select the Seen By button to indicate that you will be meeting with that student.

  • The status will automatically update to Seen and the student console page will automatically open.
  • Staff can also select Assign Back to Queue or Student Left and add a note.
  • To change status to Waiting, click Assign Back to Queue


To change the Status of a Checked-in Student:

  • From the appropriate queue, review the Assigned to Me today tab
  • Change the Option status of the assigned student (ex. Walk-out)


All Check Ins

  • Provides a view of check-ins for all locations and types.
  • Provides ability to Reassign a student to a different queue or staff member


Select Reassign when a student checks in to the wrong session or should meet with a different staff member.

Please Note: This is only available on All Check Ins page.


After clicking the Reassign button:

  • Select User (person) or Queue to reassign
  • Use magnifying glass to search for the appropriate person or queue