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OIT - Provided Peripherals for Instructors

OIT has a limited supply of “common good” IT peripherals to distribute to instructors and select staff who support the academic mission. Peripheral devices include basic webcams, document cameras, and voice amplification systems. Peripherals do not include things like tablets, laptops, or storage devices. Read below to learn more about this distribution program, as well as what you need to know if you are making your own purchase. For general guidance on peripherals, visit our Recommended Computer Peripherals page.

OIT Provided Peripherals

Order any of the listed peripherals through the Peripherals Request Form. These common-good devices will meet basic functional requirements for use in remote and hybrid teaching:

  • Webcams (Out of Stock)
  • Document cameras (Available only to Instructors or Department Admins)
  • Headsets
  • Voice amplifiers
  • Smartphone tripods (Out of Stock)

Note about USB-C adapters: OIT is not providing individual adapters to instructors. Instead, we are providing a USB-C adapter in Remote Capable Classrooms.


  • Faculty
  • Professional staff and student employees
  • Distribution will be tracked at the level of the individual receiving equipment; funding for this effort comes from the CARES Act and OIT will need to demonstrate that the provided equipment benefited students.


Peripherals are currently being distributed via contactless pickup by OIT Asset Management on East Campus. When your ticket is fulfilled and your request is ready for pickup, you will receive a confirmation with a link to a Bookings scheduling page to view available times and set your appointment. You will need to be logged into Office 365 with your CU credentials for the Bookings site to appear correctly.
Please note that same-day pickup may not be feasible, due to staffing.


Can these peripherals be used at home?

Yes, all peripherals provided by this effort can be used at home. All peripherals except document cameras are meant to be kept by the instructor. Document cameras are the exception and will need to be returned to the OIT Computing Center on East Campus.

Do I have to pick these up in person?
  • Yes. Contactless pickup will happen at the OIT Computing Center on East Campus. You will be able to set an appointment to make the pickup when your request has been fulfilled.
  • Departments may wish to send one delegate to pick up a number of items. Departments who have made bulk requests will be contacted and offered this option.
Do I have to return my peripheral?
  • Document cameras will be checked out for the academic year, and will need to be returned to the OIT Computing Center on East Campus.
  • All other peripherals in this project are intended to be permanently kept by the instructor.
Can I order peripherals in bulk for my department through OIT?

No, funding for this has expired. 

Why can’t OIT fulfill my specific peripheral order?

Realistically, OIT will not be able to fulfill all the peripheral needs of departments, colleges, and schools, nor can OIT fulfill requests for a given model of a desired peripheral. Specialized equipment, as well as tablets, will have to be purchased with department funds.

With COVID-19 safety standards, do I need my own microphone?

In remote capable classrooms, microphones are built into the system and do not need to be touched by the instructor. In rooms with more traditional microphone systems, alcohol wipes are being provided. If an instructor is teaching in a room without amplification and wants the equipment, an individual voice amplifier can be requested through this project.