Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder

Last Updated: 07/29/2020


  • Tableau Desktop is data visualization software that lets you see and understand data in minutes. Tableau Desktop allows you to connect to a variety of data sources and start visualizing data.
  • Tableau Prep Builder is a tool in the Tableau product suite designed to make preparing your data easy and intuitive. 
  • Visit Tableau Academic Programs to learn more about the Academic Programs. 


There is no fee for the academic use (i.e., specifically used for teaching and learning purposes) of Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder. You will receive a one-year subscription license that can be renewed annually if you have a current and qualifying university affiliation. 

The non-academic use of Tableau software, such as use in a department or business office or for-profit scenarios, is prohibited under the free academic license. If you require Tableau Software for administrative or for-profit purposes, please contact

Who can get it

Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder are available to all departments, faculty, staff, and students on all campuses for Microsoft Windows and macOS. See Tableau's Technical Specifications for more information. 

How to get it


Students can request their license at Tableau for Students. A proof of affiliation, such as a copy of your student ID card, a transcript showing your current enrollment, or other school-issued document showing your name and affiliation, will be required.


Instructors can request an individual license or course software at Tableau for Teaching. A valid *.edu email address and link to your academic online profile or other proof of affiliation will be required. 

Documentation and support

Contact Tableau Support directly for training, support, and troubleshooting.