Linux Highly Confidential Data Search - SENF

Last Updated: 10/06/2020


SENF (Sensitive Number Finder) is an application written at the University of Texas for the purpose of searching computers for sensitive data. SENF searches through the content of all files looking for matches to the criteria put forth by the author at the University of Texas.

System Requirements: Linux platforms running Java JVM version 1.5 and later.

Important: SENF is not 100% effective. There are many file types that store information in a way that SENF cannot interpret and there are limits to the search commands themselves. The OIT distribution attempts to strike a good balance between effectiveness and usability.


There is no direct cost to you or your department.

Who can get it

This service is available to faculty, staff and student employees who run Linux.

How to get it

  • SENF (Clicking this link will take you to the University of Texas' SENF website)
  • SENF doesn't require installation, rather the program runs off of the java package. Learn more.

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