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The CU Boulder campus is served by the Cisco VoIP Unified Communications (UC) system. See below to determine which number you should use to reach the system depending on your location.

Accessing Your Voicemail

From your VoIP phone

  • Press the message button or Dial 5-6245 (5-MAIL).
  • You do not need to enter your extension,
  • Enter your PIN when prompted. 

From off campus:

  • Dial 303-735-6245.
  • Enter your campus 5-digit extension followed by #.
  • Enter your mailbox PIN when prompted.

PIN Reset

If you forget or need to reset your PIN, please contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or


Your Voicemail Mailbox . . .

  • Guides you through a series of choices via Voice Prompts (oral menus)
  • Is protected by a confidential (and changeable) password
  • Holds up to 10 minutes of greeting and messages (maximum length of any single greeting or message is 2 minutes)
  • Will signal when a message has arrived by illuminating the message lamp on your phone
  • Holds messages in two parts: header (who the message is to or from and when it was sent) and body (the text of the message)

Voicemail applications:

Answering Machine Simulation

Callers are greeted and invited to leave a message or to press 0 to be transferred to another phone in your office. Other choices of mode are:

  • Bulletin Board (callers are greeted but not invited to leave a message) and
  • Automated Attendant (callers are invited to be redirected to another extension from a menu of choices).

Create and Edit

You can create, address, and schedule delivery of messages to other Boulder campus Voicemail subscribers.

Single Inbox / Speechview

In addition to dialing into the CU Boulder voicemail system to retrieve messages, messages can be delivered to your Exchange email inbox in a speech-to-text transcription as well as a .wav audio file attachment. To learn more and request this service, visit the Single Inbox/Speechview page.


Additional Help

Who can get it

Faculty, staff, and student staff telephone service subscribers.

How to get it

Faculty and staff

  • Contact your telecommunications liaison to order telephones, service and accessories.
  • Faculty and staff can pick out the Phones and Accessories they want and then contact their Liaison. Please keep in mind that long-distance authorization codes are not available to faculty and staff for personal use. In these instances, a third-party calling card will need to be obtained.

Telecommunication Liaisons

  1. Go to the Voice/Data Services Request form.
  2. Login in with your information and your IdentiKey.
  3. Follow the on-screen menus to add, modify, or remove services.
  4. If you need assistance, call 5-3333.

Instructions / Tutorials