VoiceThread - Student Guide

Last Updated: 08/17/2017


VoiceThread is an online program through which you can leave comments (text, audio or webcam) around a slideshow of media. Your CU instructor may ask you to comment on a VoiceThread or to create your own VoiceThread.

*Note: All students at the University of Colorado Boulder are eligible for Basic VoiceThread accounts. This account allows you to create up to 200 VoiceThreads.

Accessing VoiceThread

VoiceThread is supported in all major web browsers, although Firefox and Chrome are recommended. You must also have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed to use VoiceThread. Learn more about VoiceThread browser requirements.

CU Boulder students can access VoiceThread in a few different ways, depending on what your instructor has set up. Ask your instructor if you’re unsure how to access the VoiceThread content for the course.

Option 1: Login to VoiceThread Directly

Go to the VoiceThread Login page and enter your Identikey username and password to access the VoiceThread application.

Option 2: Access VoiceThread through D2L

Many instructors who use VoiceThread choose to integrate VoiceThread with their Desire2Learn (D2L) course. If this is the case in your course, your instructor will tell you where to find the VoiceThread Course View link in their D2L course page. When you click this link, you will be automatically signed into VoiceThread so you can view the VoiceThreads for your course.

Once you’ve clicked the VoiceThread Course View link once, you can either continue to access VoiceThread using that same link in D2L, or you can go directly to the VoiceThread Login page and sign in there. There you will find your course if you click the pull-out tab on the left side of the VT Home page (see below).

If you do not see your course here, please double check that your instructor is using the VoiceThread integration with D2L and that you have clicked the VoiceThread Course View link located in your D2L course page at least once.

Option 3: Use the Mobile App

Learn how to download and sign into the app for Android and iOS using the VoiceThread - Mobile App Instructions.

Tutorials / Troubleshooting

The following VoiceThread tutorials will guide you through the basics of using VoiceThread:

For more tutorials, go to VoiceThread Support and click either Web Application or Mobile App from the menu on the left. Learn about the Digital Accessibility of VoiceThread.