iTunes U - How to Submit Content

Last Updated: 04/03/2017


All content is submitted via the Large File Transfer service, a university-provided resource that functions much like an email client, but allows for the transfer of larger files. Students will need to email to be invited to use this faculty and staff only service.

Preparing Content

  1. Prepare audio/video according to Content Guidelines and Technical Requirements
  2. Download and complete the iTunes U Content Submission Spreadsheet. A key is provided to help you understand the information requested on the spreadsheet.

    By downloading this spreadsheet and submitting your files to, you agree that you have read and understand the content guidelines, that your content is not restricted by copyright, FERPA or otherwise protected, and that you understand that the content may be posted as free and available to the public within the iTunes U international site, or similar University services. Submitting content does not guarantee your files will be posted, as files may be reviewed to assure they meet all content guidelines.

Submission Instructions for Faculty and Staff

  • Go to the Large File Transfer service at Log in with your published University email address and IdentiKey password.
  • Fill out the form as shown below:

  1. Due to service limitations, please zip together submissions of more than 10 files, or submit multiple large file transfer emails. 
  2. For folders larger than 2 GB, please use the "Folder/Large File Applet" option. As a reminder, Apple's iTunes U doesn't accept individual files larger than 1GB. 
  • Upon submission, a confirmation page will appear:

Content will be reviewed and uploaded within five business days. You will be contacted if there is any issue with your submission. Please direct questions to

Content Archive

Please retain a copy of any content you submit for upload to iTunes U. A back up copy may be needed in the event of an iTunes U outage. Furthermore, iTunes U is neither an official data repository or archival database for CU Boulder. Content on iTunes U is considered an unauthenticated copy of content that exists elsewhere and is not considered a university “record.”