iTunes U - FAQ

Last Updated: 07/20/2017

General FAQs

What benefits are there for placing my content on iTunes U?

As with many of our peer universities, CU Boulder realized that the iTunes U platform would be an elegant and cost-effective way to deliver CU Boulder content to students, as well as a global environment. Apple provides us with an intuitive and broadscale method for distribution.

Who can answer basic questions regarding the iTunes U service?

The IT Service Center can answer questions regarding the iTunes U service and can identify the department or person to answer other questions. Call the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from an on-campus phone) or email for help. The IT Service Center can also help with technology problems and/or answer questions dealing with email and IdentiKey, internet connectivity, telephone service, etc. 

What are the Supported Formats for iTunes U?

iTunes U supports the distribution of compressed audio and video files. Apple recommends using select formats for your iTunes U audio and video content.

Using iTunes U FAQs

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U offers educational multimedia content from hundreds of colleges and universities around the world. It can be accessed through the iTunes Store. If you want to access content from iTunes U, you must first download iTunes to your computer.

Will I have to pay to access CU Boulder’s iTunes U?

No. You may freely preview and download all of the content from University of Colorado Boulder on iTunes U.

Do I need to own or use Apple products to access content?

Yes and no. You will need to download Apple’s free iTunes software to access the material. You do not need a Macintosh, iTunes, or an iPod to play the audio files. All you will need is a player capable of playing .mp4 AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) files. AAC is not exclusively Apple’s, although Apple prefers it to alternative file formats.

What are the system requirements to use iTunes?

Apple’s iTunes software will run on most computers purchased within the last five years. Specific technical requirements can be found on the iTunes website.

How do I access CU Boulder on iTunes U?

Go to Apple's iTunes Site, download and install iTunes for either Mac or Windows.

Launch iTunes, and go to CU Boulder’s iTunes U page or use the following tutorials to navigate through the iTunes store:

*Note: Click Launch Application if a dialog box opens after clicking the link to CU's iTunes U page. Visit the iTunes support page for help with technical issues.

Is CU Boulder’s content part of the iTunes Music Store?

Yes. You may search for and access University of Colorado Boulder’s content directly in the iTunes Store. Look for University of Colorado Boulder in the “iTunes U” section.

Contributing Content FAQs

Who can submit content to the University of Colorado Boulder iTunes U site?

Any University of Colorado Boulder faculty member, staff member, or student may submit content to the University’s iTunes U site. Submitted content is reviewed for adherence with technical requirementscopyright, and quality standards before being posted. Other individuals who wish to submit content may contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (5-HELP) or email

Can students post to iTunes U? Can student work be posted to iTunes U?

Yes, but due to legal restrictions regarding student work, to verify their identity, and to assure we have their consent, students must submit their content directly. Students interested in submitting their work for hosting on iTunes U should email for further directions.

What type of content will be accepted?

Appropriate content may describe University-related activities; interview University faculty, staff, students, or alumni; or feature speakers, programs or performances sponsored by the University or held on campus. Submitted content is reviewed for adherence with technical requirements, copyright and quality standards before being posted. Individuals who have questions about the suitability of their content may contact us for more information.

  • Content that you wish to share should:
    • Support the University of Colorado Boulder’s flagship 2030 vision to be a leading model of the “new flagship university” of the 21st century, redefining learning and discovery in a global context and setting new standards in education, research, scholarship, and creative work that will benefit Colorado, the nation, and the world
    • Follow copyright and FERPA rules
    • Be appropriate for a general audience and mindful of the University’s mission 

It is important to note that all content in the public iTunes U environment will be open and available for anyone to view and download.

Can faculty members contribute course content?

Faculty members who wish to share audio and video of their course content should follow the University guidelines for Academic Principles, professional rights and responsibilities, and related policies. In addition, because iTunes U is a public content distribution platform, course material that would normally fall under fair use within the classroom may not be posted on iTunes U. Only original and/or copyright-cleared content for public distribution may be posted on iTunes U. See more on Fair-Use on the University’s copyright website.

What are the technical requirements for submitted content?

iTunes U supports the distribution of compressed files including AAC (.m4a) and MP3 (.mp3) audio formats and MPEG-4 video (.mp4, .m4v, .mov). If you are interested in creating content for iTunes U, review the content guidelines section for information on how to create content and requirements for submission.

How do you handle copyright issues for iTunes U content?

All content produced by the University of Colorado Boulder is protected by copyright from reproduction without permission. If you are submitting content that may contain material protected by copyright, you must obtain written permission from the copyright holder before it can be posted on iTunes U. For podcasts of courses, this includes the content within the courses as well.

Does Apple own my content if I submit to iTunes U?

No. The ownership of the content belongs to the original submitter.

What rights does Apple have to my content if I submit to iTunes U?

By submitting your content to iTunes U you are agreeing that Apple is permitted to distribute your content via iTunes U. They will not sell your content and may occasionally link to select content in promotional and marketing campaigns. If Apple chooses to use your content in a promotional campaign, they will first notify the CU iTunes U team in writing, and we will pass this notification on to you. All CU Boulder iTunes U users reserve the right to remove their content from the system, and if you object to Apple’s use of your content, please notify us at and we will remove your files from iTunesU.

How can I submit content?

Content should be submitted via the Large File Transfer Service. Navigate to the content submission area for more information. In order to submit content, you must have an IdentiKey.

For questions or issues with content submission related to the Large File Transfer Service, please contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (5-HELP) or email

Can I have content removed from iTunes U?

Yes. If you are the original submitter or have the authority to represent the original submitter of the content, please send an email from your University of Colorado email account to and we would be happy to remove the specified files within 5 business days. Reported violations of copyright and terms of service are taken seriously, and will be processed as the highest priority requests. Please send an explanation of your deletion request to expedite review and removal.

What kind of subject matter makes the best content for iTunes U?

Almost any subject matter is suitable, but certain types of events or lectures are better than others for recorded formats. For example, lectures that depend heavily on slides to convey understanding do not make good audio recordings. Expressive readings by authors make wonderful audio recordings, on the other hand. Theatrical performances, demonstrations, and discussions with multiple speakers make great video pieces. Events that take place in locations that restrict audience size or would be of particular interest to an audience group that is not within proximity of the event also make ideal recorded material because it allows wider distribution.

Who decides whether submitted content will be posted on the University’s iTunes U site?

The University’s iTunes U site is managed by the Office of Information Technology. Decisions about content selection are made by this group.

What types of content can I post?
  • Course content (audio or video recordings of lectures, student coursework, animations)
  • Event content (recordings of seminars, lecture series, conferences, performances, student activities)
  • News content (produced in conjunction with Media Relations and News Services in University Communications)
  • Marketing content (promotional videos) 
What if I have question or comment about content posted on the University’s iTunes U site?

If you have questions or comments about any content you find on the University of Colorado Boulder iTunes U site, please contact us at to share your feedback.