iTunes U

Last Updated: 04/03/2017


iTunes University (iTunes U) is an educational component of iTunes, a popular online music, video, and podcast service that offers educational multimedia content from colleges and universities around the globe. iTunes U brings the power of the iTunes Store to education, making it simple to distribute information to students and faculty — or to lifelong learners all over the world. The iTunes U instance at the University of Colorado Boulder provides access to a wide range of CU-related digital audio and video content, which can then be easily downloaded into an iTunes library and viewed on most desktop, laptop, tablet, and portable devices. 

How to Get Started

  1. Go to Apple's iTunes Site, download and install iTunes for either Mac or Windows.
  2. Launch iTunes, and go to the University of Colorado Boulder on iTunes U (, or use the following tutorials to navigate through the iTunes store: 

*Note: Click Launch Application if a dialog box opens after clicking the link to CU's iTunes U page. Visit the iTunes support page for help with technical issues. 

Screenshot of University of Colorado iTunes U page


Want to know what you can contribute to the University of Colorado Boulder's iTunes U? See the contribute section for details.


  • Accessible anywhere the internet is available
  • Local and global outreach for Faculty
  • Students can work from any location via any iTunes enabled device
  • Format allows for independent learning 

Related Policies

Please review the terms of use and policies for iTunes U


  • Utilizes an existing, independent, and inexpensive platform
  • Provides on-demand and automated secure file transfer capability
  • Offloads files from email systems, improving performance and reducing email storage
  • Increases data security and demonstrates compliance with certain federal grant restrictions
  • Replaces insecure FTP options
  • Single file delivery to multiple recipients


  • This service is provided to faculty, staff, and students at no cost
  • Content is available to the public iTunes community at no cost

Who can get it

  • Faculty, staff, and students can contribute content
  • Content is available to all iTunes customers