D2L - Types of Grade Items

Last Updated: 08/09/2017


Desire2Learn has many different options available when it comes to types of grade items. Below is a list of the different types of grade items you can use.


  • Grade users by assigning a value out of a specified total number of points.
  • E.g. 8/10


  • Grade users by selecting the grade scheme level that best matches their achievement.
  • E.g. "Very Good" or "B+"

*Note: Selectbox type grade items cannot be created until at least one org unit grade scheme has been created.


  • Grade users using a simple pass/fail grade scheme.
  • E.g. "Pass" or "Fail"


  • Automatically grade users using a custom formula based on achievement on other grade items.
  • E.g. Give users who received at least 50% on all participation grade items a perfect attendance bonus. ( IF{ MIN{ [P1.Percent], [P2.Percent] } < 50, 0, 1 )


  • Calculate users' cumulative achievement across multiple grade items.
  • E.g. Midterm Grade ( A1+A2+Q1+Q2 / Total Max. Points * 100 = 73% )

*Note: Calculated grade items are calculated through the Final Grade Calculation method (default setting) or by the Milestone Grade Calculation (only in weighted grade schemes).


  • Provide comments in the grade book that are not calculated in the final grade.
  • E.g. "Course Evaluation Completed"