D2L - Embedding Media Content

Last Updated: 08/09/2017


Media files can be too big to directly upload on D2L, which could result in performance issues. The best option is to embed code through the D2L HTML editor, which allows you to insert content from external websites directly into D2L. First, generate the embed code from the external website(s) and the mechanism to generate the code varies. For example in YouTube, you can click the Share button below the video window, and then click the Embed button to generate the code. The code appears on the text box simply copy the code and paste it into D2L Insert Stuff -> Enter Embed Code text area. For more information on Insert Stuff visit the Inserting Media Files page.

Embed media content (audio, images, video)

  1. Iframe src=: motion pictures or movies
  2. Embed src=: .swf or flash objects, mp3, mp4, wav
    • Example: <embed src="Desire2Learn.swf" height="500" width="500">
  3. Object type=: web pages, flash animations, movies
  4. Object data=: pdf, doc, ppt, csv, html
    • Example: <object data="Desire2Learn.pdf" type="application/pdf" height="500" width="500"> alt : <a href="Desire2Learn.pdf"> Desire2Learn </a></object>