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Last Updated: 02/14/2018

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Community Courses

Use this form to request a community course (a non-official course useful for orientations, trainings, workshops or any other activity that could benefit from having an online group space) in Canvas. Please verify all the information before submitting, as your course will be created exactly as requested below.

Enrolling Users

This tutorial explains how to add users to your course. A variety of roles are available in Canvas.

Note that all course participants must have a CU Login Name and IdentiKey password to be able to access and enrolled in Canvas courses. If you wish to enroll a person in your course who does not possess these credentials you can set up a sponsorship through the IT Service Center. Learn more about sponsored accounts.

If you want to enroll a large number of users (25+), complete the user enrollment spreadsheet and send it to

Unenrolling Users

This tutorial explains how to unenroll users from your course. If you want us to unenroll a large number of users (25+), contact the IT Service Center at or (303)735-4357 (5-HELP).

Copy Content to your Community Course

This tutorial describes how to copy content from your other Canvas courses into your Community course.

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