Canvas - Known Issues

Last Updated: 01/22/2019


Now that Canvas has been launched, we have identified opportunities to improve the way the system is configured to better meet the needs of CU Boulder students, faculty, and staff. This page lists some of the current limitations of Canvas, along with potential workarounds and resolutions. It will be kept up to date as we make improvements or identify new limitations.

Resolved: Turnitin Originality Scores Do Not Display

Instructors using Turnitin Quick Integration found that originality scores fail to load for some students. This problem has been fixed and the integration is working properly. 

Resolved: Canvas does not use Student IDs

Previously, the "SIS ID" field in Canvas was populated with users' UUID numbers instead of their Student ID numbers. Because Student IDs are more familiar and used in many other CU Boulder systems, the "SIS ID" field in Canvas now contains Student IDs for all users.

Resolved: Instructors cannot view data for withdrawn students

Previously, when a student dropped from a Canvas course, instructors could no longer view any of that student's work in the course or the grades they received. Now when a student drops, they are marked "inactive" instead. Inactive students cannot view or participate in the course anymore, but instructors and TAs can still access their work and grades. See Canvas - Dropped Students FAQ to learn more.