Canvas - Cidi Labs Design Tools (Pilot)

Last Updated: 09/13/2018


In fall 2018, the Academic Technology Applications Program is piloting Cidi Labs Design Tools to address the limited look and feel customization options in Canvas. If you have any questions about the pilot, please email or call (303) 735-4357 and mention Cidi Labs Design Tools.

What is Cidi Labs Design Tools?

Cidi Labs Design Tools is a suite of tools that adds greater design and layout customization capabilities to Canvas, including custom HTML/CSS, colors, and page styles. These tools also allow instructors to create templates for Assignments, Modules, and Pages.

Course homepage designed using Cidi Labs Design Tools in the New Student Welcome Canvas course.

Why pilot Cidi Labs Design Tools?

We have heard faculty concerns about the limited appearance options in Canvas, and we want to explore a tool that will help faculty and departments customize the look and feel of their Canvas courses. Additionally, we want to assess the support structures that would be needed to integrate Cidi Labs Design Tools and maximize their usefulness for faculty.

Interested in participating in the pilot?

To be a participant, we recommend that you have used Canvas for at least one semester prior to Spring 2019, that you have time to learn a new tool and provide feedback via surveys and/or in person, and that you plan to use Canvas to teach in Spring 2019. Participants will be expected to

  • Attend one training on using Cidi Labs in October. We will also be holding two optional working sessions in October to exchange design ideas and one drop-in working session in November.
  • Share your course design at a Cidi Labs showcase for participating faculty in late November.

This pilot will be limited to a small group of faculty members, so secure your participant slot as soon as possible. If you would like to become a pilot participant, please email by September 24th.