Canvas - Integrations

Last Updated: 09/13/2018

What are integrations? 

There are a number of applications that can be integrated within Canvas courses. At the minimum, integrations allow users to seamlessly access an application from within Canvas without requiring users to sign-on to the application.

Integration Support

OIT provides support for integrations that are also tools supported by OIT (e.g., Kaltura, VoiceThread, Turnitin, Office 365, and G Suite). All other integrations are managed by the provider; however, OIT can answer questions if there is an issue with the link to the application or if there are issues with syncing information with Canvas.

Integrations in Canvas 

Here is a list of applications currently available for you to integrate into your course in Canvas.

Request Integration

If you are interested in integrating a new application, it must undergo a security and accessibility compliance review. To begin the review process, please complete the Digital Technology Compliance Review Request (Form A). Please note that you will be using the integration in Canvas in the field that asks How will the product/service be used. Once your application has been reviewed, contact the IT Service Center at or (303)735-4357 to have the application integrated in Canvas.